Why are food hampers the ideal gift idea?

There are a lot of reasons why sending food as a gift is an ingenious plan. Including advantages for the person who is wise enough to send it, and for the lucky person who receives it! Especially when that food-related gift is a delicious luxury cheese hamper.


If you want to tick all the right boxes with a loved one, business contact or colleague, here are just some of the ways cheese gifts are the perfect solution for every occasion.

Vintage Hamper by The Chuckling Cheese Company
Port & Cheese Hamper by The Chuckling Cheese Company

Get extra ‘cheesy’ with a loved one


Creating a highly individual gift for someone really special is easy when you stick to the theme of food they enjoy.


A large, luxury cheese hamper will be a delight to open and unpack, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving too. They will have new tastes to try, old favourites to add to recipes or a great dessert or snack option for days to come!


Why food is the ideal gift for you


By this, we don’t mean buying one for yourself – though of course that is an option and when you see the selection of cheese gifts on our website, you will be tempted!


What we're referring to here, is that food hampers are the perfect gift choice for you as they are a convenient and quick present solution. It takes minutes to browse our site, then click through to send a lovely cheese gift direct to a friend or family member.


No trawling around shops or surfing the internet for hours to find the best gift ideas.


For every occasion, year-round, our fabulous food gifts have got you covered!

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