Why cheese gifts are perfect for new parents

Anyone who has experienced the unparalleled joy of becoming a parent, watched someone become a parent or heard about someone becoming a parent knows that it is rewarding but unforgivingly tough.


From a steady stream of well-wishers intent on giving the newborn a sleep-disturbing poke to a plethora of baby ‘essentials’ for which there is no space and even less use, the jubilation of a new arrival can quickly leave new parents wondering what on earth they have let themselves in for.

For Her Cheese and Gin Gift Box

Cheese gifts for new parents


Cheese gifts are perfect for new parents who rarely get the chance to sit down to a proper meal as they try to balance nursing, changing nappies and making tea for guests. Life can all too quickly become punctuated by greasy fast food when a new arrival enters the house.


A truffle cheddar truckle is the perfect indulgent treat for any new and tired parent whilst a good hot and spicy chilli cheese will help to keep the midnight oil burning.


Being rich in energy and high in taste means that snacking on cheese can keep both energy and morale up during the long and sleepless nights of new parenthood. Cheese is also proven to lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension due to its high levels of calcium whilst zinc found in cheese can help to speed up healing and tissue repair needed as a result of pregnancy and birth.

Lifestyle shot of a Truffle Cheddar Truckle with Chutney and Crackers

Cheese hampers for new mums


Pregnancy can be both amazing and frustrating in equal measure. The warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that you are growing a person is peppered with a raft of sacrifices: sleep, seeing your ankles and (most devastating of all) soft cheese. New mothers will forever put you at the bottom of the nappy changing list if you wet the baby’s head with a round of Yorkshire Blue. Throw in some crunchy biscuits or crispy wafers and you will be on a fast track to being the most welcomed guest in the house.


It's not just the parents that cheese is good for either. Cheese is packed with nutrients including calcium and zinc, all of which are passed onto babies through breast milk.


Cheese is a gift that can help new parents through the early dark and wonderful days with their new baby as well as providing their little one with a healthy dose of the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and thrive.

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