A cheesy love affair as global sales grow

Cheese became big news during the pandemic.


Although it’s ever gone out of fashion, cheese has enjoyed a substantial surge in popularity and sales in recent times, making cheese gifts even more attractive too!


Before we explore the UK’s enduring love affair with cheese in all its rich varieties, let’s look at some of the stats. Research suggests that worldwide, 36% of consumers report eating significantly more cheese during the past couple of years.


Which cheese has the highest sales globally? Interestingly (for a British cheese company especially), cheddar continues to dominate, alongside another variety commonly associated with pizza (cough).

Virtual Pub Box by The Chuckling Cheese Company

A taste of why cheese is on the up


Why have the British and their international counterparts carved such a big increase in cheese sales recently?


One theory is that spending more time at home has led to more snacking on cheese. It is such a quick and delicious treat when watching TV, fighting over board games or battling boredom.


In fact, it’s the perfect candidate for an any-time-of-day snack!


Did you know that around half of the people who slice their way through ever-growing amounts of cheese use it as a breakfast choice? That’s especially true in Turkey and Brazil.

Cheese with booze


It also helps that cheese and booze go so well together - and not just cheese and wine. Many British cheese varieties go brilliantly with a craft ale or crisp cider drink, for example, which is another reason cheese sales grew in the last couple of years.


Our virtual pub in a box is the perfect example of that, as it’s a beer, snack and cheese gift set that’s perfect for at-home recreation, especially when you’re on a budget!

Cheese appeal and eating well


The world’s devotion to cheese has also deepened due to something else we’ve done more of in the pandemic - experimenting with good old fashioned home cooking.


Have you also noticed that charcuterie boards are now very popular for entertaining, special occasions or even family nights? This is a glorious array of fine cheese, cooked meats, crackers and fruit for everyone to ‘dive into’.


That leads nicely to the incredible versatility of cheese as the basis of meals. Apart from looking like the consummate host or hostess with your beautifully arranged cheese selection, it’s a fabulous cooking ingredient.


Of course, when you buy the best British cheeses in a hamper or gift set, the concept of ‘leftovers’ is probably redundant. However, one of the reasons cheese is increasingly popular is that any spare cheddar, for example, can be used in a hugely diverse range of recipes. From grated on a spud to a gooey sauce or for mouthwatering loaded fries or fondue ideas.


Try searching cheese recipes online and you will see what we mean!

Chilli Lovers Gift Box by The Chuckling Cheese Company

Appreciation of the finer things


Interestingly, people who buy cheese (and other foodstuffs) are increasingly looking for products that are ‘cleaner’ and packed with only natural ingredients, as well as foods that benefit from ancient and pure production methods.


As 'being healthy' is such a big priority now too, our understanding of cheese as a nutritious food item is also gathering pace.


Simple pleasures matter


If there is one thing we have all learnt in recent times, it’s to make the most of every day and the simple joys in life, such as delicious food and snacks, savoured in the company of people we care about.


This too could account for why more people are experimenting with more cheese!


Some are ordering vintage varieties of British cheeses, to rediscover the tastes of their childhoods and youth. While other buyers are loving the way the best cheese producers combine new flavour sensations into the creamy goodness of fine cheese.


Do you need examples of tastebud adventures? How about sampling cheddar with basil and tomato, enriched with caramelised red onion or as a Botanist Gin and Tonic Cheddar or Carnival Cheddar with Rum and Pineapple?


We all deserve a treat, so choose your own cheese hamper or spice up someone’s life with a Chilli Lovers Gift box.

The cost factor


If we are unwrapping all the reasons cheese is more popular than ever, we need to touch on the sensitive topic of household budgeting. Compared to other sources of protein, essential vitamins and minerals, cheese is considered more affordable.


Also, buying cheese hampers as gifts means your family member, friend or colleague gets a ‘triple bonus’. They get a treat, practical gift and free meals and snacks thanks to your generosity.


Did you know you can even buy vegan plant-based cheese gift sets, including ones you ‘build’ yourself? Online cheese hampers are quick and easy to order and suitable for every occasion or person.


Sounds like money well spent to us!

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