Christmas Traditions Around the World

The weather is different. The laughter is different. The decorations are different. Just like all these, The Chuckling Cheese Company is different. We have decided to put a cheesy twist on our blog post and explain the history of Christmas while we touch a bit of our best-selling cheese hampers. Relax and enjoy.
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History of Christmas and Global Celebrations

Christmas stemmed from the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, and it is today, a worldwide celebration. Over the years, it has evolved to become a season to feast and make merry. Although Christmas originated from Rome, its celebrations in parts of the world differ. For instance, in Italy, families come together to enjoy a multi-course meal known as La Vigilia, or The Feast of the Seven Fishes. In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated with the vibrant tradition of Las Posadas. Regardless of your location and modality of celebration, Christmas celebrations convey joy and warmth. And what better way to celebrate it than a luxury cheese hamper?

Incorporating Cheese into the Festivities

For sure, festivities are welcomed with different delicacies but just a few people consider adding cheese to their festive delicacies. Cheese has a way of adding rich flavour to any festivity, and Christmas can't be an exception. A popular way to incorporate cheese is to create a cheese board centrepiece. In your cheese board centrepiece, you can include crackers, fruits and chutneys to elevate your already heightened Christmas feelings. Plus, the cheese board centrepiece adds to the textures and flavours for your guests to enjoy. Of course, you can experiment with different cheeses such as Cheddar to cater for everyone who will be coming around. To get even more creative, incorporate cheese in your Christmas recipes, cheese to your mashed potatoes, cheese to your roast vegetables and a whole lot of other ways. You may even surprise your guests with cheese-filled bread rolls or a cheese tart to add to your traditional dishes.
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A Look at International Christmas Cheeses

In France, you'll find Bûche de Noël, a traditional yule log-shaped cake made of rolled sponge cake and filled with cream or buttercream. But did you know that some versions of this dessert feature a creamy, rich cheese filling? It's the perfect blend of sweet and savoury, adding a unique twist to this classic treat. In Germany, the Christmas market scene comes alive with the enticing aroma of melted raclette cheese. This beloved Swiss cheese is melted and scraped over a variety of dishes, from hearty potatoes to crispy bread, creating a gooey, comforting experience for cheese lovers. Across the pond in the United States, a festive favourite is the classic cheese ball. Made from a mixture of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and various seasonings, this delightful appetiser is often rolled in nuts or herbs. It's a crowd-pleaser that adds a tangy and creamy element to any holiday gathering. These are just a few examples of the international cheeses that make their way onto cheese boards during the Christmas season. So, when you're crafting your own Christmas cheese hamper, be sure to find out the flavours and traditions of different countries. It's a delicious way to travel the world without leaving your home.

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