France v Britain: Who makes the best cheese?

The battle of the cheeses between regions of the UK is nothing compared to the ancient debate about which country makes the best cheese.


We are, of course, deeply biased here at The Chuckling Cheese Company. However, we thought we would back up our praise of British cheese gift sets with some national facts and figures.


Who invented cheese, the French or the British?


To be honest, according to popular legend, neither! The theory is that the discovery of cheese took place in Arabia when a merchant stored milk in a sheep's stomach for a cross-desert journey.


Fortunately, modern cheese-production methods are a great deal more pleasant to contemplate!


The history of cheese continues with versions eaten in Ancient Rome, and its arrival in England thanks to the Roman invaders.


Numerous European countries then experimented with different consistencies, production methods and additions to the milk base. This is why each country has its own wonderfully diverse ideas on what constitutes the ‘best cheese’.

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The best known British cheese


Now, let’s get a taste of why British cheeses are so vital to the whole topic of who does the best job of crafting this delicious and nutritious foodstuff.


Have you noticed that many international varieties are soft, gooey and often pungent?


The British largely prefer hard cheese, that’s versatile, easier to store and great value for money.


It's an opinion cheese-eaters worldwide share, as one of the two most popular cheeses worldwide is cheddar (the other goes on pizza)!


This is, of course, a quintessential BRITISH cheese, invented in a small village in England (Cheddar in Somerset). Its global popularity is no doubt due to the fact this wonderful cheese works equally well as a snack, treat or cooking ingredient. It can also be combined with a multitude of spices, fruits and other complementary items.


Cheddar also goes with fine wines, a hearty pint of craft ale or cider, and even a nice cup of tea.

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Award-winning cheese


Cheddar is not only a leading cheese in the popularity stakes but also in terms of awards. Varieties of this much-loved cheese have earned top places in global awards, ahead of their French counterparts.


Herein lies an important secret in the dominance of British cheese though. It has to be version crafted carefully, using the best ingredients and ageless methodology. Mass-produced British cheeses just don’t cut it when it comes to awards or indeed a well-received cheese gift!


If you – or someone you know – would like to check the credentials of the best British cheeses, or do a taste test by including some of Britain’s finest on your cheese and meat charcuterie, then browse our selection of cheese hampers today.

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