Merry Cheesemas! Our NEW Festive Cheese Is Here…

It wouldn't be Christmas without cheese, from Cranberry to orange and Whisky, and even Christmas Pudding flavour, we don't hold back! This year we've gone one step further, and we have a new cheese for you. If you've not already seen, our latest festive, cheese concoction is... Pigs In Blankets Cheddar Cheese! This cheddar originally launched in October but received an absolutely fantastic response and SOLD OUT! But now it Is back! 

This cheddar has all the taste of the special Christmas treat that is pigs in blankets and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser throughout the festive season. 

This creamy cheddar is infused with a smokey bacon flavour, but warning... it's deliciously mouth-watering and dangerously moreish. You will get the perfect flavour in every bite. 

Is it ever too early to start the Christmas celebrations? Our 'Pigs In Blanket Cheddar Cheese' is available to purchase in-store, on our official website, and through all of our third-party retailers! The possibilities are endless for this cheese... whether you devour it on a cheeseboard, or you curate your very own recipe with it, we guarantee you'll love it! (Don't forget to share your creation with us on social media by tagging us on either Facebook (@thechucklingcheesecompany), Instagram (@thechucklingcheese), Twitter (@chucklingcheese) or Pinterest (@chucklingcheese). Our friends over at @nibbles.foodies curated the ultimate burger using our new cheese, called 'THE NOTORIOUS P.I.G (In Blankets). Take a look at it yourself...WARNING...this may make you hungry!

Pigs In Blanket
We are proud to say that this cheese got the seal of approval from food bloggers, and cheese lovers @dominthekiActhen, @theyyummiediaries (Who used it to make a festive pizza 😱), and also @thegrilledcheesechef who used it to curate the ultimate toastie! Keep scrolling to see their recipe inspiration! It also proved to be a hit with our other favourite cheese connoisseurs... Our customers!

Wondering how to serve this fantastic cheese? Here at Chuckling Cheese Company HQ, we recommend pairing it with our Chuckling Cheese Caramelised Onion Chutney on top of a Honey & Mustard Wafer. Sweet and delightfully moreish, this chutney will compliment the sharpness of the cheese and light, crisp water. 

Is your mouth watering? Shop our NEW cheese now and try it for yourself!

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