Skegness Carnival Parade 2022

Every year we always look forward to taking part in our local carnival parade march in the seaside town of Skegness Lincolnshire, UK. 


After the massive impact the pandemic has had on Skegness's annual carnival parade, this year we’re fortunate enough to take part. 


If you didn’t know already, this is a special time for everyone to get involved. Down at the coast, Skegness Carnival is a popular annual event for the locals and our visitors. 


This year (like previous years) we have taken part in this annual parade as we got to see all of our local cheese lovers! After all, our company is based here! 

Chuckling Cheese Skegness Parade - Munchie Mouse Waving
Chuckling Cheese Skegness Parade - Munchie Mouse High Five

Our Skegness Carnival Parade March!


For those who came to cheer us on (and many other local businesses and charities) during our march through the bracing town of Skegness. You got to meet our company mascot ‘Munchie Mouse’’ He has been with us since the start and he knows what everyone loves when it comes to cheese, sweets and more! 


We started our march at Skegness coach park, marched through Lumley Road, around our famous clock tower, up north parade and then hit the finish line at the top of the road.


You might wonder, did we just march? Yes, but no… Munchie had a few treat bags to give away! So we stopped and handed out bags of our most delicious and popular sweet treats. If you missed out, don’t worry, the Skegness Carnival is every year! 


We know you don’t want to wait an entire year, so why don’t you shop for our sweet treats now? Shop & discover our sweet treats! 

Chuckling Cheese Skegness Parade - Cheese Stall

We hosted a cheese stall at Tower Gardens! 


Did you come and say “hi!”? Tower Gardens is Skegness’s most famous park. We set up a stall for all of our cheese community to come out to see us on this beautiful day. Also here for those who don't know who we are.


What foods and goodies did we set out for? 


We have set out our most famous cheese truckle collection with over 40 different flavours for you to try. Made with a unique flavour which is perfectly suited for any occasion throughout the year. We then had delicious chutney and crackers too, as any foodie will know that cheese, crackers and chutney are the essential combination when it comes to enjoying cheese to the fullest! 


Did we set out anything new and delicious? 


Of course, we did! We have recently released our new and absolutely tasty range of Chuckling Crackling Snacks. It’s only right to share with the public what we have to offer. You might know a few flavours in other forms of snacks like potato crisps but it’s a must-try in the form of pork scratchings. 

Shop Our Pork Scratchings now! 


Whether you are a visitor or a local of Skegness, we have a few gifting ideas inspired by this wonderful seaside town. 


Our Skegness Gift Box 

The perfect gift for someone who loves Skegness, and comes every year to enjoy the sun and the beach. This Skegness-themed gift box includes three different flavoured cheeses and two chutneys. 

To celebrate the carnival we have two very different cheese truckles inspired by a cheering time of year. 

Discover Our Carnival Cheddar with Rum & Pineapple - A creamy cheddar mixed with Pineapple chunks and a lovely splash of rum to create an ultimately sweet and fruity cheese. Perfect for any cheeseboard and homemade dishes! Each Carnival Cheddar sold, 5p goes towards carnival funds, every year! 

Discover Our Carnival Charlie Smoked Cheese Truckle - This smoked cheddar has a rich, smoky flavour with a creamy texture. For every Carnival Charlie Cheese sold we donate 5p to the Skegness Carnival to help keep it running every year. Give the gift of cheese and help a wonderful cause at the same time. 

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