The Top 5 Cheese Truckles for Christmas

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of year. We have gone through our wide range of award-winning cheese truckles and narrowed them down to our Top 5 Cheese Truckles you need for Christmas this year. You need to stick around because we have some truly unique flavours that you and your loved ones will love. Get your cheeseboards ready…

1. Limited Edition! Pigs In Blankets Cheese Truckle


Yes, you read that right! Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, our hard-working Team of Cheese Specialists have come up with the most delicious cheddar that everyone will love after their Christmas dinner. Pigs in blankets are undeniably delicious, after all it is sausage wrapped in bacon! They’re the perfect side dish accompanied by classic roast potatoes, turkey, and all the trimmings! Pigs in blankets are possibly the best part of a hot Christmas dinner. 


We have used the smoky bacon flavour and paired it with mature cheddar to deliver this Limited Edition cheese truckle that tastes just like Pigs in Blankets! This unique cheddar is sure to bring everyone around the cheeseboard this Christmas. 


To take your Pigs in Blankets cheese to the next level, melt this cheddar and pour it on top of a pile of ACTUAL pigs in blankets to enhance their flavour. Mmm! Cheesy pigs in blankets! 


Grab yourself or surprise your family at Christmas dinner with this festive cheese truckle that will make your family go wild. This unique Christmas cheese has to top our list! Shop this cheddar now before it’s too late. Just like Christmas, it comes once a year! 


2. Cranberry! Cheese Truckle


Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy cheese. Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we have incorporated juicy cranberries into a mature cheddar to deliver a refreshing and fruity cheese with a lovely fragrance. The ideal cheese truckle for Christmas. 


Discover this delicious cheese with a special blend of cranberries, it really brings your festive cheeseboard to life. Bursting with flavour and wonderful aromas, you really need to add this to your Christmas list. 

3. Christmas Pudding! Cheese Truckle 


Yes, another unconventional cheese flavour! But for those who are new here, you might think it’s somewhat strange to blend cheese with the flavours of traditional Christmas pudding. However, this festive flavour is one of our most popular cheddars during the festive season. 


This lovely cheese flavour really does taste like the real thing, with sweet, spicy, and fruity flavours, and an irresistibly creamy texture. But the festive volume gets dialed up when you pair it with a bottle of wine like our Ridlingtons Merlot! This is the perfect cheese that will give you a cosy feeling, like you were sitting in front of a fireplace.

4. Christmas Tree Shaped! Cheese Truckle

Next on the list, we have our best-selling Vintage cheese truckle, which has been shaped into a traditional Christmas tree to get you into the festive spirit. For those who have tried our extra-mature vintage cheese truckle before, you’ll know this one is good. 


Our contemporary range of cheese truckles is full of unique and flavoured cheddars, but this year we have decided to do something a little different to make Christmas more special. 


This vintage cheddar has been matured for over three and a half years to become the strongest flavoured cheese we stock. What makes this cheddar so special is that it has been blended with salt crystals to tickle the top of your mouth for extra flavour and texture. 


The perfect cheese truckle for Christmas that looks the part and tastes great for a fabulous festive cheeseboard.


5. Garlic & Chive! Cheese Truckle 


Coming in at number 5… our Garlic & Chive Cheese Truckle. With a popular flavour combination, this cheddar is bursting with strong flavours of chives and indulgent garlic cloves. This mouthwatering cheese is perfect on its own, on a cracker on a festive cheeseboard, or incorporated into your Christmas dinner whether that’s in your mash potato, or on top of your cauliflower (cheese)! 


Thank you for making it to the bottom of the list. We will reward you with a special extra cheese truckle to add to the list! Now, this cheese is actually inspired by Britain’s favourite dinner, the Roast Dinner! Here is our Sunday Roast Cheese Truckle! 


This unique cheese is made for those who love a Roast Dinner, perfectly balanced with Rosemary, Garlic, and Black Pepper for all the flavours of stuffing! A special treat for cheese lovers (perfect for their Christmas stockings) or a tasty treat for the entire family to nibble on before the actual Christmas roast is bought out! 


All of our cheese truckles are covered in colourful wax to keep the cheeses packed with flavour and safe from any unwanted bacteria. 


Disclaimer: All cheese must be stored at 5 degrees Celsius or below. All of our cheddars come with a shelf life of 2 - 5 months, and can be frozen for up to 6 months. 


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