What tastes good with pork scratchings?

In our last blog ‘Why pork scratchings are the healthier option’’ we spoke about the health benefits that come with eating pork scratchings. Such as that they’re high in collagen, high in protein, perfect for keto diets, and much more. In this blog post, we will focus on what tastes good with pork scratchings and how we can enjoy them even more by adding a simple accompaniment. So let’s begin…

Traditionally made pork scratchings; made from pork with a combination of a hard crunch and a thick layer of fat; are a unique snack to be enjoyed in your favourite local pub. Over the years they have become the legendary ‘meat and drink’ to Britain's pub-goers in many ways.

Ploughman's Cheese Board

What beers can I pair with pork scratchings? 


It’s clear that pork scratchings are very popular with beer, mainly because the meaty taste along with the consistent crunch needs something strong to wash it away after a few mouthfuls. But you may ask, what craft beer pairs well with pork scratchings? Well, that depends on the flavour of the pork scratchings. Let’s find out…

  • Malty and sweet beer (Amber Ale, Red Ale, Baltic Style Porter) is perfectly paired with our very own Black Pepper Flavoured Pork Scratchings. These gorgeously crunchy pork scratchings have been expertly combined with strong black pepper for a mouth-watering snack to be enjoyed with your beer.

  • Crisp and refreshing beer (Pilsner, Lager, Light Lager) is perfectly paired with our very own Habanero Pork Scratchings. If you love a refreshing beer and spicy pork scratchings then this is for you. These Habanero flavoured pork scratchings are deliciously spicy but not too overwhelming, made perfectly crunchy and sealed in a reusable jar. 

  • Dark, Roasty, Hoppy and Bitter beer (IPAs, English Brown Porter, Dry Stout) are perfectly paired with our very own BBQ Pork Scratchings. A jar of crunchy and crisp pork scratchings that has been generously covered in BBQ flavouring, making them extremely hard to resist! Once paired with a refreshing hoppy and bitter beer there’s no going back. Be careful. This combination is highly addictive!

We have a wide range of beers for you to choose from, why don’t you pair our pork scratchings with our craft beers? Indulge in the ideal meat and beer combination loved by all pub-goers and bring the pub into your own home by ordering from our online store.

I’m a foodie, how can I change up the way I eat pork scratchings? 


Keep it simple, some delicious dips and sauces would go unbelievably well. Who doesn’t love food dipped in some sort of sauce? We highly recommend BBQ sauce, apple sauce, creamy horseradish sauce, and garlic mayonnaise. But if you are looking to spice things up a little, dip your pork scratchings in our hot chilli jams and hot sauces. Choose the heat scale for you in our chilli jams and sauces category. 

Have you ever thought of just having pork scratchings with apple sauce? You might have it with a roast dinner but treat this delightful combination as just the two with your feet up in front of the television rather than the kitchen table. Grab a bunch of scratchings and a tub of apple sauce and dip away. While this makes a gorgeous combination to crunch on, enjoy them alongside a cold beer, or a glass of wine. Looking for a dip that has a little more kick? Add mustard! 

If you really want to step up your snack, grab a bowl of pork scratchings and top it like you would with loaded fries. Melted cheese, shredded bacon, your favourite sauces, chopped chives, spring onion, spices and various other toppings. You don’t have to, of course, we are only giving you ideas. It’s a very unconventional way to enjoy a bowl of pork scratchings but if you are obsessed like we are, then there’s nothing wrong with creating a messy masterpiece. 

Adding pork scratchings with a cheeseboard


We all love a cheese board filled with our favourite cheeses, crackers, condiments and fruits. Who said pork scratchings couldn’t be included? When combined with delicious cheddar, our finger-licking pork scratchings make a great combination of softness and crunchiness, they are definitely something you should all look into when creating your cheeseboard. As we all know, meat and cheese go together so well in almost all food cultures around the world.  

If pork scratchings taste good on a cheeseboard then why not try them on a Classic English Lunch? The mighty Ploughmans! Don’t forget the salad cream and a jar of our tasty pickle!


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