Banoffee Rumtastic Cocktail

Cocktail season is upon us, and we’ve got the perfect cocktail recipe for all you rum lovers. Featuring our Banoffee Rum, just one sip and you will experience the taste of summer. It’s a bit naughty...but very nice! We’ve included the recipe below so you can try it for yourself, but first, here’s a bit about one of our latest additions to our Chuckling Cheese spirit range… 


This dessert inspired spirit, made of fruity banana flavours and toffee notes, is made with the finest rum. Our rum allows you to enjoy the taste of a delightful slice of banoffee pie in a sweet yet smooth rum. Whether you choose to make our carefully curated cocktail, enjoy it on the rocks, or with your favourite mixer (we recommend cola), it will not disappoint. 

Rumtastic Cocktail using Chuckling Cheese Banoffee Rum
Rumtastic Cocktail using Chuckling Cheese Banoffee Rum

You will need: 

- 25ml Chuckling Cheese Banoffee Rum
- 12.5ml Gingerbread Syrup 
- 75ml Double Cream
- 75ml Milk
- 2 tsp of Lotus Biscoff Spread (we used crunch)
- 4 Lotus Biscoff Biscuits
- Ice


  1. Take a short glass, chilled if possible. Alternatively, add a handful of ice to the glass, and using a mixing spoon, spin the ice cubes around to chill the glass. Spin for approximately 30 seconds and set aside. 

  2. Add 2 teaspoons of Biscoff spread, 25ml Chuckling Cheese Banoffee Rum, and 25ml Vanilla Vodka to a cocktail shaker and shake it up! 

  3. Add 12.5ml Gingerbread syrup to the shaker along with 75ml double cream, and 75ml milk. 

  4. Shake it up again!

  5. Take your chilled glass and discard the ice. 

  6. Pour some Gingerbread syrup on either a saucer or a small plate. Take your glass and dip the rim into the syrup, ensuring all the rim is covered. 

  7. Crush up your Biscoff Biscuits (save one for the end!) and place into a bowl which you can fit the glass in. Take your glass and dip the rim into the smashed Biscoff, ensuring the rim is covered once again. 

  8. Fill your glass with a handful of fresh ice. 

  9. Pour your concoction into your glass using a strainer. 

  10. Top with a generous serving of whipped cream. 

  11. Sprinkle the remainder of your crushed Biscoff on top. 

  12. Enjoy! (You may need a straw for this one!)


Tasty Tip: Why not be really naughty and garnish with an extra biscuit on the top! 


Be warned…’ll be left wanting another one! Let us know what you think by posting a photograph of your very own Chuckling Cocktail Creation and tagging us on either Facebook (@thechucklingcheesecompany), Instagram (@thechucklingcheese), Twitter (@chucklingcheese) or Pinterest (@chucklingcheese). 


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