Everything You Need To know About Celebration Cheese Cakes

For all the foodies out there who are looking for something savoury to delve into on their next celebration instead of a traditional sweet cake, then a celebration cheese cake is the perfect answer.

You might be wondering, “what is a celebration cheese cake?” Is it a huge “cheesecake?” In fact, many people get the words mixed up. “Cheesecake” is a sweet dessert that consists of one or more layers. The bottom layer consists of crust made from crushed cookies, crackers, or biscuits, and the top layer is made from fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar, traditionally topped with lemon or strawberry.


However, a “celebration cheese cake” or “cheese cake” is not sweet, it’s actually a cake of CHEESE! A celebration cheese cake can be made up of a variety of layers.. The amount of layers depends on the occasion and the number of guests you are looking to cater too. 


But if you already know the differences between the two, then you might want to read on. Here’s everything you need to know about celebration cheese cakes…



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What is a celebration cheese cake? 


Celebration cheese cakes are the latest trend for all kinds of celebrations. They provide a magic touch to any occasion. Cheese celebration cakes are made from, you guessed it, cheese! Cheese wheels, truckles, and barrels are stacked on top of each other to present a tower of cheese that makes a great centerpiece for your wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any significant occasion with friends and family. Decorated with fruit, crackers, chutney, and flowers they provide a delicious and stylish alternative to a classic sweet cake! 


Why do cheese cakes make the perfect buffet for any occasion? 


Cheese celebration cakes can be decorated with accompaniments, flowers, ribbons, and cake toppers to suit the occasion. You can serve them with crackers and chutney for your guests to enjoy a cheesy feast! Whether you have guest list of over 200 people, or it’s for a small gathering of 20 people, we’ve got a celebration cheese cake perfect for the occasion. Better yet, the cheeses can be swapped for alternative flavours and styles to suit your guests preferences and ensure you have a range to choose from, making them the perfect buffet for any occasion. 


How do I choose the perfect celebration cheese cake for my occasion? 


Choosing the right celebration cheese cake for your occasion really comes down to your own personal preferences as well as those of your guests. You must remember how many people who will be attending in order to work out the right amount of cheese (in weight) you would need to feed them all. Remember, it doesn't matter if you have a little left over. The beauty of cheese is that it can be freezed for up to 6 months and keep its creaminess! 

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How do I construct a celebration cheese cake? 


Constructing a celebration cheese cake is quite simple. You should construct it with the largest cheese wheel at the bottom as the foundation and build it upwards. The layers of your cake will depend on the size you choose! You might want to drive a bamboo skewer down the centre of the tiers to hold the cake securely together. For a rustic look, why not un-wax the cheese for a naked cheesecake. We recommend un-waxing the cheese as soon as you take it out of the fridge to ensure it peels off smoothly.


How do I decorate a celebration cheese cake? 


You don't have to decorate your celebration cheese cake but doing so can make it look extra special. You could tie a ribbon around some of the tiers or add fresh flowers, foliage, or maybe even some fresh herbs.

Grapes, berries, and dried fruits make excellent edible flourishes for a cheese cake. If you're feeling particularly creative, you could decorate it with charcuterie. Try rolling up some salami discs into flowers or draping prosciutto around the edges of the cake.

Don't forget to lay out your crackers, chutneys, and other accompaniments nearby along with cheese knives and plates so everyone can dig in.


What foods do I pair with a celebration cheese cake?

Well, the question is what goes well with cheddar cheese?


Cheddar is a type of cheese that is incredibly versatile for cheese pairings! Fruit is one of the favourite ways to elevate and showcase the taste of any cheese whether it be fresh or dried fruits. Fruits like pears, peaches, cherries, grapes, figs, and dried apricots, make great pairings. 


Many cheese enthusiasts love a classic cracker and chutney with their cheese, and for good reason. A crunchy base with a creamy middle (the cheese) then topped with smooth and flavourful chutney will really knock your guest’s socks off. Display these around your celebration cheese cake and you’ll be gouda to go! 


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