How is cheddar cheese made?

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Most cheese starts out the same way, but what is it that makes cheddar different? Read on as we answer the question, 'how is cheddar cheese made?', which will explain what makes it unique.

How is cheddar cheese made?


1. The basics


First, the milk is warmed in a large vat. Bacteria are then added, which will later define the flavour and quality of the cheese.


2. Coagulating


The enzyme rennet is added to set the cheese and separate it into solids and liquids – or curds and whey.


3. Removing the whey


Once this is set, the curds are cut into small pieces to release the whey before it is drained. The more liquid removed, the firmer the cheese will be.


4. Cheddaring


The extra step which makes cheddar, well… cheddar, is to cut up the curd and press them into slabs. These are stacked atop one another so that the weight forces even more moisture from the cheese. The slabs are continuously cut up and pressed and stacked again until enough whey has been expelled.


5. Ageing


Once enough whey has been expelled, the process is complete. Now, the cheese has to be aged. For mild cheddars, the ageing process can be as short as two or three months, while for extremely sharp variations, the cheese can be left for one to five years. The longer the cheese is left to age, the stronger its flavour will be.


The long process of removing whey means that after ageing, the cheese will finally be the crumbly, layered texture you would expect from cheddar.


6. Consumption


The final step for cheddar cheese is for it to be delivered for you to enjoy! In fact, since it’s so great, why not send it as a gift? That’s if you care to spare any…


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