How to celebrate national cheese and wine day

Has there ever been a better pairing than cheese and wine? The world seems to agree considering this dynamic duo now has its very own recognised national day of celebration! National Cheese and Wine Day is a beloved celebration for foodies throughout the UK. In this latest blog post, we cover the origins of National Cheese and Wine Day, plus how to celebrate National Cheese and Wine Day with products from The Chuckling Cheese Company.

What is National Cheese and Wine Day?


National Cheese and Wine Day occurs annually on the 25th of July. It is in recognition of the delicious pairing of two of the nation's most beloved delicacies. Many people choose to mark the occasion in style by tucking into their favourite cheeses and bottles of wine. However, if you're looking for some more unconventional ways to celebrate this foodie holiday, we have some perfect ideas for you.


How to celebrate National Cheese and Wine Day


Are you looking to take your national cheese and wine celebrations to the next level this July? Have no fear, The Chuckling Cheese Company has some perfect ideas for you to mark the occasion in style, plus a range of cheese and wine items available to order through our website today.


Host a cheese and wine party with friends


Nothing says sophistication quite like a cheese and wine party, and what better way to celebrate this national foodie day? Gather a few of your fellow cheese and wine lovers for an evening of indulgence in some of the most delicious food and drink you can buy. The Chuckling Cheese Company have a vast range of cheese and wine options to wow your guests and add culture and class to your evening. Why not go all out and ask everyone to dress up for the occasion?

Heart Shaped Cheese Board
The Chuckling Cheese Company Luxury Cheese and Wine Hamper

Treat your loved ones


There's no better way to say "I love you" this National Cheese and Wine Day than with a themed gift. Treat the cheese and wine lovers in your life to a gift they won't ever forget. Why not send them a portion of their favourite cheese or bottle of wine? You could even go all out and send them a gift basket with a range of delicacies. The Chuckling Cheese Company has a range of cheese gift baskets that can be tailored to every taste and all gifting occasions.


If you want to get them something to keep, why not opt for a personalised gift? Buy your loved one a personalised cheese board with their name on it, so they will always think of you when serving up some of their favourite cheeses.


Expand your cheese horizons


Consider National Cheese and Wine Day a signal to expand your culinary horizons. Why not try out some new cheese or wine? Make an effort to try a brand new cheese from a different cuisine or country - you never know, you might find a new favourite! The Chuckling Cheese Company has a vast range of cheeses from across the world so you never have to feel limited when ordering from our website. 


Cook up a cheesy meal


Use National Cheese and Wine Day to incorporate cheese into a delicious dinner with the family or that special someone. Look into some brand new recipes where you can add some of your favourite cheeses in a nod to this national day of celebration. Make sure to pair it with delicious wine to complete the perfect at-home dining experience.


Book in a wine tasting


If you're a wine lover, we know how much you're going to want to celebrate this July. Why not go all out and book a wine tasting with your friends at a local vineyard? Not only do you get to learn more about wine and the process of making it, but you can also sample some delicious wine along the way. Alternatively, create your own at-home wine tasting experience with friends, ask everyone to bring a bottle and create your own sampling party. This is a great way to get a little tipsy and try out some new wines - just make sure to stock up on some cheesy snacks to soak up all that alcohol!


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