Why cheese makes the best gift

Are you searching for something special to give to a friend or family member? We highly recommend giving them the gift of cheese. Yes, this sounds kind of quirky, but we're here to tell you why cheese makes the very best gift! Read one for the advantages of giving cheese gifts to your partner, family, friends, colleagues - or anyone who you know.

It's incredibly tasty

Let's start with the obvious. Cheese tastes good, and everyone knows it. Whether you're after a hot and spicy cheddar, a super strong cheese or a classic Yorkshire blue cheese, there's no denying that cheese tastes absolutely delicious. Whoever you're gifting cheese to will have their tastebuds tantalised - and really, there's no better present is there?
Close up of the Gin Infused Cheddar Truckle

It's better for the planet


Giving people gifts that they can eat is so much better than just gifting them random items that they may not use anyway. Cheese is something that most people appreciate, and that they can easily find a use for - their stomach! Our luxury cheese hampers have all of the airs of a deluxe present but are also really sustainable because there's no waste (apart from very few wrappings).


You can enjoy it together


Arguably the best kinds of presents are those that you can enjoy with whoever you're gifting them to. This is why we recommend our incredible cheese and wine gifts, which are more of an experience than just a present.


Together, you can sample the huge range of cheeses that we offer, and wash it down with some fine wine. You'll remember this present and be talking about the time that you ate all of that amazing cheese for years to come.

Close up of the Heart of Lincolnshire Mature Cheddar Truckle

There are so many to try


We have so many cheese varieties at Chuckling Cheese. From strong mature cheddars to blue cheese, there are loads of different samples that your loved one will absolutely adore. So, offering them a luxury hamper will help them to try all different types of cheese. And what more could they want for their birthday?


At The Chuckling Cheese Company, we love everything about this savoury snack, including the fact that it's such an important component within many meals. We think that your recipient will love it as well. The beauty of cheese is that they are so many different types, there truly is something for everyone. So don't wait - buy your cheese hamper from the Chuckling Cheese Company today!

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