Why Cheese Makes You Happy

Health benefits of cheese


You will probably know already that cheese is a wonderful source of protein and the calcium needed for healthy bones and teeth. What you may not realise, is that cheese is also an excellent source of vitamins D and B12.


Vitamin D is something our body makes naturally from sunlight, but when that’s absent (most of the year in the UK) we need to get the ‘sunshine vitamin’ from food. It plays a key role in our energy levels, and therefore whether we have a spring in our step or not!


Also, the types of fats in the best cheese encourage your brain to release dopamine, a hormone connected to feeling good.


It’s a versatile meal and snack option


This is a way cheese makes you happy when you receive it as a gift, or when you buy a fabulous selection all for yourself.

It’s an incredibly tasty and versatile foodstuff!

Cheese is a tempting topping for spuds, toast, vegetables, pasta, pizza .....the list goes on. However, when you tuck into the finest selections carefully placed in luxury cheese gifts, all you need is some grapes and celery to refresh your palate and you have a meal in itself or the greatest snack of all time.

Cheese hampers are a novel gift idea


Another way cheese gifts can make everyone happy is that they make a refreshing change from the usual choccies or flowers. They also combine something practical (see above) with a real treat for the tastebuds.


When you want to go ‘that extra mile’ to bring a smile, then why not buy cheese and wine gifts. Or you can even get a grin with cheese and beer gifts.


Easy to buy cheese gifts online


With Chuckling Cheese Company hampers, in a few quick keystrokes, you will have that luxury gift on its way to your loved one, friend or colleague. Now that is something to smile about!


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