Beef & Beer Sandwiches Recipe

Whether you’ve got some left over Beef from your Sunday Roast, or you fancy a little bit of home cooked goodness on a warm day, our Beef & Beer Sandwiches recipe is the perfect, quick lunch idea! Tender beef covered in lots of melted cheddar? What could be better! This recipe uses our Brewers Choice Cheddar Barrel, a creamy cheddar that is blended with yeast extract from the brewing industry. This ingredient gives the cheese an unforgettable flavour, one for the Marmite lovers!
Beef and Beer Sandwich Recipe by The Chuckling Cheese Company using Brewers Cheddar
Beef and Beer Sandwich Recipe by The Chuckling Cheese Company using Brewers Cheddar

You will need:

- A chopping board
- A bread knife
- An oven tray
- A sharp knife



- 2 Ciabatta Rolls
- A Gem of Lettuce
- 6 Slices of Beef (depending on size and preference)
- A Barrel of Chuckling Cheese Brewers Choice Cheddar



1. Depending on whether you are using up Beef from your Roast, or from fresh, cook as per instructions or warm up to your liking. 

2. Whilst cooking, slice each ciabatta in half and garnish the bottom half with leaves of the lettuce gem. 

3. Remove the Beef from the oven when cooked but keep the oven on.

4. Divide the Beef equally between each ciabatta, placing the slices on top of the lettuce and set aside. 

5. Take the tops of your ciabatta and your barrel of Brewers Choice Cheddar. Cut the cheddar into even slices and divide equally on top of each slice. 

6. Place the bread onto a baking tray and cook in the oven for 2-5 minutes until the cheese has melted. 

7. Place your cheese slices on top of the Beef, and press down to ensure the cheese begins to melt into the Beef. 

8. Serve immediately, and enjoy your cheesy feast! We served ours with garlic roast potatoes, but you can choose whatever side you wish! (And maybe a beer?)  

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