Cheese by Type

Lymn Bank Strongest Cheddar Cheese, available at The Chuckling Cheese Company
3 for £9
A lifestyle image of a caramelised red onion lymn bank cheddar cheese barrel on a cheeseboard
3 for £9
Lifestyle image of the Garlic Cheddar Cheese Barrel
3 for £9

Our Wonderful Range of Gorgeous Cheeses


Chuckling Cheese are delighted to offer our customers an extensive range of beautiful cheeses.

Browse by cheese type here, where you will find cheese barrels, wax cheese truckles, soft cheese, vegan cheese and just about every cheese you can think of.


Types of Cheese


We are famous for many of our incredible cheese flavours, such as Charcoal Cheese, Gin Cheese, Sunday Roast Cheese, Rum & Raisin Cheese, Cranberry Cheese, Mexican Sweet Chilli Cheese and many more.

We are proud to offer all sizes of cheese and flavours to suit all palates.


Warning. Our cheese is addictive.