Upcoming birthday? Give the gift of cheese cake

When it comes to showing our loved ones that we care, most of us like to go above and beyond. We like to seek out gifts that are unique and thoughtful, but most of all, better than everyone else's. While you could decide to go down the homemade route, it’s no secret that the best gifts are not only practical but edible, too. So what kind of gift can you give someone that’s tasty, unique, and will win the award for the best gift ever? Cheese cakes, of course!


Everyone loves cheese gifts, so why not celebrate with a cake made out of cheese? You’ll be the talk of the party and will have everyone desperate to know where they can get their hands on one too. Not sure what a cheese cake is and which one would be right for you? No worries - the cheese experts are here to help. Keep reading to find out more.

The All-Rounder Celebration Chuckling Cheese Cake
Little Chuckles Celebration Cheese Cake

Chuckles Celebration Cheese Cake


The Chuckles Celebration Cheese Cake is the smallest cheese cake we offer. It weighs 2.4 kg and is a 3 tiered cake that serves approximately 20-25 people. This is a great gift option for a smaller gathering.


This cake has 3 layers and lets you choose from your choice of one 2kg large truckle, one 200g standard truckle and a heart-shaped truckle on top. We don’t skimp on the types of cheeses you can choose, either. We’ve got a wide variety of cheese you can choose from, making it a gift that can be personalised depending on what your loved one likes.


All-Rounder Cheese Celebration Cake


This best-selling cheese cake is ideal for a larger party and serves approximately 80-90 people. This 5 tiered cake comes with 8 different types of cheeses. As with all of your cheese cakes, we let you be in charge. You can personalise this cheese cake with cheeses that are right up your friend’s street!


The All-Rounder Cheese Cake not only tastes great but looks great too. Expect all of the party guests to be centred around this cheese cake when you give the gift of the all-rounder cheese celebration cake.


Give the gift of cheese cake


If you’re looking to give your loved ones a gift they’ll never forget, pre-order a cheese cake from Chuckling Cheese today. This gift not only tastes good but looks good too! It lasts for ages and is a gift that will be used and fondly remembered. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

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