Wedding Cakes for Cheese Lovers

If traditional cake isn’t your thing, or you’re just a cheese lover, stun your wedding guests with a bespoke cake made with your favourite flavour wheels of cheese. 


Our Celebration Cheese Cakes keep the tradition of a tiered wedding cake, whilst allowing you to put a personal touch on your big day. Stacking your chosen design full of your favourite flavour cheddars, or even favourite colours based on the wax of the truckles, is also a fantastic way to share both of your favourite styles and likes with all your guests. It may even tell your guests a story, perhaps you tried one of the cheeses at your favourite destination, or you have a funny story to tell about another. Either way, the cake is bound to become a major talking point. 


From mini cheese cakes to those that stand tall, layered with both soft and hard cheese wheels, truckles, and barrels, we have options to suit every occasion or guest capacity.

For The Love of Cheese Celebration Cake by The Chuckling Cheese Company

Our Wedding Cheese Cakes 


Mini Chuckles Celebration Cheese Cake - £39.99 (2.4kg)

This three tier celebration cake is the perfect option for a more intimate gathering, feeding approximately 20-25 people. Bespoke this cake with your chosen 2kg truckle, 200g truckle, and heart cheddar truckle.


The Big One - £99.99 (5.1kg)

The Big One is the perfect centerpiece for a wedding! With enough cheese for 50-65 people, this cheese cake is exceptional value for money (and it will no doubt keep your guests talking!) This cheese cake is layered with a 2.5kg Blacksticks Blue Cheese Wheel, and your chosen 2kg Truckle, 2 x 200g Truckles, and heart cheddar truckle. 


The All Rounder - £110.00 (5.6kg)

A towering cheese cake consisting of up to nine varieties of cheese which your guests can enjoy all evening. Feeding up to approximately 80-90 guests, this is a popular option for weddings. You have the option to bespoke this cheese cake, layering the included 2.5kg Blacksticks Blue Cheese Wheel with your choice of 5 x 145g Cheddar Barrels, 2kg Truckle, 200g Truckle, and heart cheddar truckle. 


For the Love of Cheese - £220.00 (11.4kg)

The name says it all! This exceptional celebration cake is the perfect alternative (or addition) to a wedding cake! Feeding approximately 155-165 guests, this cheese cake features a Poacher Round, topped with a 2.5kg Blacksticks Blue, and your choice of 2kg Truckle, 200g Truckle, and heart cheddar truckle.


The Ultimate - £250.00 (12.9kg)

Whether you’re the ultimate cheese lovers, or you have a lot of guests that are, our Ultimate Cheese Cake will certainly be the ultimate showstopper, feeding approximately 190-200 people. This cheese cake is stacked tall on a base of a Poacher Round, topped with 4 x 200g Truckles, a 2.5kg Blacksticks Blue Cheese Wheel, and your choice of 5 x 145g Cheese Barrels, 2kg Truckle, 1 x 200g Truckle, and heart cheddar truckle. 


Our specialist Cheese Cake Team will be happy to discuss deposit, payment, and bespoke options with you!

How to display your cheese cake 


Each of our wedding cheese cakes have been curated with a tier approach to ensure stability, and they are easy to put together. Whilst a showstopper in their own right, we recommend decorating them to really give the wow factor. This can be done by adding florals, greenery and herbs, maybe some that match your theme to tie everything in together. Fresh or dried fruits are also a great way to add further depth to your cake, which guests will be able to enjoy with their cheese! Whilst some people base their cake based on the colour cheese wax, some also opt to remove the wax off all the truckles for a gorgeous rustic look. 


Finish your cake with the addition of a fun cake topper! They are simple but effective, and a great way to add height to smaller cheese cakes. You can also choose to add markers on each layer, to show your guests the flavour of the wheel, truckle, or barrel so they know exactly what they’re getting! 


We can deliver a wedding cake made of cheese to UK addresses with free delivery, and you can choose the delivery date to ensure you have it in perfect timing for your big day. Our dedicated Cheese Cakes Team will always be happy to advise you on our range of wedding cheese cakes, and guide you through the process to ensure your cheese cake is everything you envisioned and more! 

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