How To Curate The Best Cheese Cake

Celebration Cheese Cakes have become increasingly popular for any occasion. Whether for a birthday, or even a wedding, this cheesy spin on the traditional cake is sure to be the showstopper of any event. Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company we offer a range of five bespoke Celebration Cheese Cakes featuring a fantastic variety of handcrafted, artisan cheeses.  


Our Cheese Celebration Cakes are simply that, a tower of cheese which resembles the traditional tiered wedding, or birthday cake. A cake made of cheese...What could possibly be better?! You can choose to have your Celebration Cheesecake instead of the traditional cake, and once cut, serve it to your guests as a traditional cheese board with crackers and chutney for the perfect evening feast. Alternatively, include this cheesy pleasure within your evening buffet. Whichever you choose, we guarantee it will cater for a wide range of preferences, and will be the talking point of all your guests (especially those who love cheese!) 

For The Love of Cheese Celebration Cake

Why choose a Celebration Cheese Cake from The Chuckling Cheese Company? 


A cheese Celebration Cake is a unique and alternative way to mark an occasion which will cater for the number of attendees to your celebration. Including a variety of cheeses, there will be something for everyone. 


Not only that, they are low in sugar in comparison to the traditional cake and low in really will last you all night long! We all know that cake goes stale if left on display for too long, but you won’t have that problem with cheese! We guarantee that your guests will have devoured your cheesy creation before the night is over, but no need to worry if not, as it can be saved for later, which ensures minimal waste. Your cheese can be either refrigerated or frozen! 


Your cheese Celebration Cake is sure to be the centre of attention as it is, but you can even decorate it beautifully! Take your cheesecake to the next level by garnishing it with some fresh fruits and berries, or herbs such as Rosemary or Lavender. 


How big should my Celebration Cheese Cake be? 


The size of your Celebration Cheese Cake depends entirely on the number of guests attending your event, and whether it will be replacing your main cake or it will be part of your buffet. If your cheesecake is the main attraction, then we recommend 100g per person accompanied with chutneys and crackers. A cake with a total weight of 1.9kg will feed approximately 18-25 people. If you have any questions regarding the number of servings required for your event, please contact us at

Little Chuckles Celebration Cake

What accompaniments do you recommend?


Our cheese is exceptional when enjoyed on its own, but serving them with the right accompaniments will curate a taste sensation to be devoured. We recommend spreading our cheese on artisan cracker crisps such as the Cracked Black Pepper & Smoked Sea Salt Wafers or the Honey & Mustard Wafers. Top them with seasonal fruit such as grapes, peaches, and berries, and your preference of olives, chutney, and jams. For just £20.00 you can add our Chutney & Biscuit Bundle onto your order! 


How do you order and build your Celebration Cheese Cake? 


Firstly, view our range of Celebration Cheesecakes and pick your favourite depending on the size, and the structure. Prices start from just £39.99 and our range caters for all budgets! 


Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, all of our Cheese Wedding Cakes are handmade. Due to this, please note the following:

  • We cannot guarantee that the tiers will be “perfectly” round. 

  • Cakes must be ordered 2 months in advance to ensure they are ready for your big day! We always recommend ensuring your Cheese Cake is delivered a few days before your event. 

  • Our Team will always endeavour to cater for any order at short notice, however, we cannot guarantee that all of our cheese will be in stock. 


Flavours and wax colours remain as shown on our website, and these cannot be altered. Cheesecakes can be delivered straight to your home (UK addresses only) for free when you spend £10+, alternatively, you can order them in store to be collected from our store for free.  Upon receiving your Cheese Cake, it must be stored below 5 degrees Celsius. If cakes have been stored incorrectly, we will not be responsible for replacing them. When the time comes to assemble your cheese, we recommend that you drive a bamboo skewer down the centre. This will not only hold it in place, but also allow you to have more room for decoration. 


Will you choose cheese for your next event?

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