What to serve at a cheese and wine party

Find out what to serve at a cheese and wine party from the experts at The Chuckling Cheese Co, who offer a wide selection of delicious cheeses, snacks and drinks.


Nothing says sophisticated quite like a cheese and wine party and what better excuse than to meet up with your friends, eat great food, and drink to your heart's content! However, there are many different types of cheese and wines that you could serve on your evening of indulgence, so if you are interested to know what we recommend, then read on!

What is a cheese and wine party?


A cheese and wine party is simply what you would imagine, a gathering where people enjoy cheese and wine together.


Not only is it a great way to get people together to socialise over delicious food, but it’s also an excellent way to entertain guests at your next special event.


What to serve at a cheese and wine party


A mixture of cheeses


When it comes to choosing cheese for a wine party, it can be hard to know what type to go for, especially if you don’t know much about cheese in the first place.


Your safest option is to get a good mix of soft, firm and hard cheeses that have different flavours, textures and colours so that you can be sure there will be something for everyone. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a luxury cheese hamper, which includes up to 7 deliciously personalised kinds of cheese.


You could also get some cheese gift boxes for your friends that are again packed with every flavour of cheese you could wish for so that once the party is over, your guests can still indulge in their delicious gifts.

Port & Cheese Hamper - Open Gift Hamper

Delicious beverages


With many delicious flavours of wine to choose from, you want to get the very best but also make sure it’s not going to overpower anyone’s palate. Wine, mead or port are all great options to mix with your cheese.


Whether you fancy Graham’s Tawny port, a simple Pinot Grigio or a traditional black cheery mead, let your guests find the perfect taste for them by making sure you stock your cheese and wine party with plenty of options to try.

A late evening snack

As the party dies down and you’ve eaten all the cheese you can muster, it’s always a good idea to provide a refreshing snack to tingle the taste buds.


Sweet treats such as fudge, chocolate, sweet biscuits or cakes are all great options to bring out at the end of your cheese and wine party, sending your guests on their way with a full and satisfied stomach.

If you're planning a cheese and wine party and need some help stocking up on all the essentials, get in touch with us. At The Chuckling Cheese Co, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of cheese, drinks and extra treats!

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