Cheese by Flavours

Branston Pickle Cheddar Wedge Available At The Chuckling Cheese Company
3 for £9

Discover & Shop Cheese By Flavour 


Here at Chuckling Cheese, we have a contemporary selection of delicious artisan cheese with over 40 different flavoured cheese to choose from. Here we have made shopping cheese online easier by organising them by flavour suited to your cravings and preferences. 


Our Range of Artisan Cheese Truckles 


All of our cheese truckles have been made ultra creamy and rich in flavour. Then coated in a stunning colourful wax to ensure the truckles of cheese are sealed and protected against any bacteria and of course to keep the delicious flavours contained before slicing open. Choose from our most traditional flavours or if you’re looking for a unique flavour we have lots of different flavours available to choose from. 


Our Range of Gourmet Cheese Barrels 


All of our cheese barrels have been made creamy and rich in flavour using the finest ingredients, then vacuum sealed to keep the flavours contained and to ensure our cheddars are presented perfectly. In our gourmet cheese barrel range you can choose from a wide selection of traditional and unique flavours to suit your cheese cravings. 


Our Range of Piquant Blue Cheeses 


For those who love blue cheese, we have a great selection for you to discover. Our Yorkshire Blue Cheese is famously known for its mild and creamy flavour. Made using the finest ingredients and proud Yorkshire Cow Milk to deliver a truly delicious blue cheese that will please many blue cheese lovers. Discover our range of blue cheeses that will certainly knock your socks off..