Classic & Strong

Lymn Bank Strongest Cheddar Cheese, available at The Chuckling Cheese Company
3 for £9
Apple smoked cheddar barrel availble to buy from the chuckling cheese company
3 for £9
Lifestyle image of a Lymn Bank Farm smoked cheddar cheese barrel on a cheeseboard with meats and grapes
3 for £9
Lifestyle image of the Two Smoking Barrels Cheddar on a cheeseboard
3 for £9
Branston Pickle Cheddar Wedge Available At The Chuckling Cheese Company
3 for £9

Classic & Extra Matured Cheese! 

Purcheese your favourite strong cheese from our beautiful artisan Lymn Bank Farm cheeses range.

The perfect combination of classic and strong flavoured cheeses for all of those foodies that know what they like.

Give a loved one a
cheese gift with one of our blue cheeses in this range, big enough for you to keep a slice of the cheese for yourself.

We recommend a wine and cheese night or an ale and cheddar evening.