Lymn Bank Strongest Cheddar Cheese, available at The Chuckling Cheese Company
3 for £9
A lifestyle image of a caramelised red onion lymn bank cheddar cheese barrel on a cheeseboard
3 for £9
Lifestyle image of the Garlic Cheddar Cheese Barrel
3 for £9
Apple smoked cheddar barrel availble to buy from the chuckling cheese company
3 for £9

Savoury Artisan Cheese

Fancy a savoury treat that you can’t get enough of?

We’ve got you covered. Our range of savoury cheese will give you that beautiful classic, salty or spicy flavour without being too sweet.

This Lymn Bank Farm range of cheeses has been carefully crafted to be a real crowd pleaser, a perfect palate cleanser after a delicious meal, fantastic for adding the "wow" factor to any dinner, a classic sandwich filler or a scrumptious stand alone treat.

Whether you’re making up your own cheese hamper or an epic Christmas cheese board for the family, this range has everything you need.