7 Delicious Recipes For The Ultimate Coronation Feast

Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company we specialise in artisan cheddar, but if you didn’t know, we also specialise in the most delicious recipes for all you food enthusiasts to try out. With the King’s Coronation just around the corner, you might be looking to host a wonderful foodie feast for all your friends and family. Discover our top 5 recipes perfect for celebrating the Coronation!

Black Pepper Quiche Recipe, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company
Baked Eggs Recipe, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company

Caramelised Red Onion Cheesy Tartlets 


Using our best-selling Caramelised Red Onion Cheddar, we have created a super quick and easy dish to serve as an appetiser for your Coronation party. Crispy filo pastry filled with salami, our delicious Caramelised Red Onion Cheddar, Caramelised Onion Chutney. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed! 


Steak N’ Ale Pie 


This warming, hearty, and truly appetising Steak & Ale Pie has been made using our unique Ale & Mustard Cheddar to bring additional flavour that packs a lovely punch. This cheddar delivers a delicious and distinctive flavour with a smooth texture and fiery aftertaste. The perfect pie to satisfy all your guests!  


Rum & Caramel Bread Pudding 


This lovely dessert is a must-have. Give your guests something sweet to indulge in after their savoury feast! Using our Banoffee Rum and Rum Truffle Fudge we have created a stunning Rum & Caramel Bread Pudding to deliver a sweet, sticky and soft pudding that is a MUST have for your party. 


Biscoff Centred Cookies 


Now, these Biscoff centred cookies will bring some luxury to your sweet treat options. Your guests will be bamboozled with a crunchy cookie that oozes with melted Biscoff Fudge for the perfect indulgence this coronation. Made using our wonderful Biscoff Fudge. There’s nothing quite like these cookies though!


Classic Cream Tea Scones 


Try our unique Cream Tea Cheddar sliced on top of a classic scone with delicious strawberry jam and cream to combine the fruity flavours with our fruity cheddar. An uplifting combination that is sure to impress all your guests at your coronation party. A classic treat that will please any Briton. 


Black Pepper Quiche


Bake a delicious quiche with our Black Pepper Cheddar. Add a powerful, peppery and cheesy  flavour to your quiche that will satisfy your taste buds. Bring the party together with a classic quiche that is essential to any food party. 


King Charles III’s Favourite Thing To Eat For Breakfast! 


Did you know that King Charles III’s favourite breakfast is baked eggs topped with cheddar? Treat your loved ones or partner with a royal breakfast in bed with this delicious recipe. Top your baked eggs with our Vintage Cheddar for the perfect royal breakfast that King Charles Loves! 

Rum & Caramel Break Recipe, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company
Cream Tea Scones Recipe, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company

Classic Party Foods To Include For Both Kids And Adults! 


Sausage rolls - Sausage rolls are a classic British party food. Every time you arrive at a party there’s always a stack of sausage rolls. Don’t disappoint your guests by not including them. They are perfect for both kids and adults. Made from puff pastry and sausage meat that can be served hot or cold. 


Why not try out our delicious Munchie’s Mighty Sausage Roll Recipe? 


Give this stable party food item a little twist for all the cheese lovers attending your coronation party with our Munchie’s Mighty Mature & Caramelised Onion Chutney Sausage Roll recipe. A quick and easy recipe to whip up for all your guests, 


Scotch eggs - Scotch eggs are another classic British party food made from boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat, breaded and then deep-fried. Yum! 


Pork pies - Pork pies are a traditional British party food made with hot water crust pastry and filled with seasoned pork. The perfect snack that needs to be part of your buffet. 


Scones - Scones make a sweet addition to any food buffet, especially when served with jam and clotted cream. 


Cheese & Crackers - This classic savoury combo is a classic British party food that is loved by both kids and adults. Providing your guests with the irresistible pairing of crunchy and creamy textures that burst with flavours. To learn more about cheese pairings, check out our blog of how to pair our Classic Vintage Cheese Truckle! 

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