Handmade Artisan British Cheese Range

Welcome to our proud range of handmade artisan British cheddar cheeses. Our artisan cheeses are the perfect addition to your cheeseboard. Select from over 40 different flavoured cheddar barrels and wax-coated cheese truckles.

Our award-winning Artisan British Cheeses: Vintage Cheddar, Charcoal-infused Cheddar, yes Charcoal! Chilli Cheese, Gin & Tonic Cheese and more.

If you love cheese, look no further. Discover our range of cheese truckles and take advantage of our multi-saver offer. Ideal for when composing your perfect cheese board to enjoy after dinner. 


Types of Artisan British Cheese


In our cheese range, you will find different flavoured cheddars, in different sizes. Our broad range has something for everyone to suit the different ways you may use your cheeses, whether it’s for cooking, curating a cheeseboard, or composing a celebration cheesecake of larger truckles for an occasion, party, or wedding! 

Our Celebration Cheese Cakes are a special addition to any wedding and will feed the whole guest list. The best part is, if you are looking to party all night, the cheese will not go stale! 

You can find our cheese truckles and barrels included in our range of the best Cheese Gifts and Hampers. Choose from pre-made, themed gift boxes and hampers, or curate your own Build Your Own Hamper and include all of your (or their) favourite cheeses! 

No matter what type of cheese you choose from our fabulous cheese range, you will not be disappointed.


Why Cheese Is Good For You - The Health Benefits


Cheese is actually good for me? Say what? Yes, the oldies might tell you that cheese is unhealthy and that unsaturated fat plays a vital part in affecting your health. Well, it’s nonsense, newer research turns to the link between saturated fat and heart disease. If you love cheese you will love what we have to say. 


Cheese Cuts Your Heart Disease Risk


In 2016 research was conducted on French individuals, who have low rates of heart disease, despite their love for cheese and other saturated fat-rich foods, like butter and duck. The study shows the comparison of how much dairy people ate to whether they developed cardiovascular disease. One major finding was that if you were to eat nearly 2 ounces of cheese daily, you will reduce the risk of heart disease by 18%. That’s a huge number! So yes, carry on eating cheese!

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