Cheese Wheels & Large Cutting Cheeses

Cheese Wheels & Large Cheddar Truckles

Our handmade artisan British cheese has now been bulked up into a larger amount, forget about the  cheese truckles we offer. We now have large cheese truckles that weigh 2kg and more. 

Are you planning a gathering / party? Make a big first impression by adding one of our large cheese wheels to your food table. 

Our large, waxed coated, cheddar truckles are part of our celebration cheese cakes, which is a selection of our finest cheeses stacked to present an awesome tower of cheddar of a traditional wedding cake. 

Our most popular cheeses are made into a large cheese wheel that weighs 2kg which is more than enough to be shared at a party. 

Do you need help with finding which cheddar you like the most? 

NOTE: Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company we do not offer cheese samplings, however we do have smaller versions to our Vintage, Smoked Cheddar which are 200g. Find by clicking here

The perfect addition to any food table, with plenty to be shared around. Don’t forget to add some cheese crackers, chutney and accompaniments. Here’s our Chutney & Biscuit bundle.